Review : Maybelline "The Rocket" mascara

by - 11 September


Everyone was talking about this mascara when it first came out. Initially I wasn't at all intrigued since I thought the brush looked a little too fat for me especially since I have sparse lashes. But seeing as it's still being talked about even now says something.


I got it and like I initially thought the brush was a little big for my taste but it's not bad at all and it doesn't take away from the efficacy of the formula, even if I did get the non-waterproof version.



I generally look for dry mascaras. I feel like they cling to sparse lashes better and they're easier to build-up. (Trade-off would be a shorter lifespan). This particular mascara's formula is creamy and a little thick. I find that it still builds-up quite well. My curl also holds even if it's not waterproof. (Waterproof mascaras tend to hold a curl better.). Although I wouldn't use this when I have to do something involving water or crying. It's water-resistant [on me — I don't have oily lids.] but once I touch it when it's wet it smudges.

The wand is a cone shaped silicone rubber with short bristles. I like that it has short bristles I just really really wish the wand was thinner and/or hugs the eye better.


Bushy eyebrows aside, I like this much better than the Wet N Wild mascara I reviewed here. While I still wish the wand could be smaller it's not unusable. It deposits the mascara well enough. I can easily build up the volume from hey-I-have-naturally-thick-lashes to clump-master and I've no problem with removal. I hate hard to remove mascaras.


*smudge-proof if dry.
*lashes become a little "crunchy" too [like any other mascara to be honest].


Maybelline [in my opinion] is one of the drugstore brands that make good mascaras. While I can't find any "real" cons despite not loving the wand I wouldn't pick this up again any time soon solely because it didn't WOW me.

I still would recommend this to anyone who wants to change up their current mascara or is looking for some decent length and volume. It's definitely not revolutionary but like I said it's a pretty good one.


PS. Next mascara review is from Benefit!

Price : Around Php 399+ when I got it.
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