Counterfeit Etude House Cushion Compact

by - 08 July

fake etude house cushion makeup

I was in Tiendesitas a couple of days back and came across this store that sell makeup. So like a moth to a flame I found myself walking in that direction.

I could tell within the first few seconds that a lot of the items were counterfeits / replicas. (Naked 5 anyone? How about a Naked 6 palette?) There were some authentic makeup as well, like Physician's Formula, Maybelline and L'oreal and I know 100% they're authentic but I believe they've been tampered with because when I was trying to look for the expiration dates, curiously they're nowhere to be found.

It's pretty easy to guess why no?

fake etude house cushion makeup box

Anyway, as there were a lot of counterfeit US makeup there were counterfeit Korean makeup as well. I wasn't surprised about that since I've seen a lot of sellers with counterfeit BB creams, lip tints, powders etc in their product lists. What I was surprised about was that there's a replica of an Etude cushion compact.

Color me impressed.

fake etude house cushion makeup box

fake etude house cushion makeup box

fake etude house cushion makeup box

fake etude house cushion makeup box
I've only seen images of the boxes online but I'd say to an untrained eye, they're completely identical. The only obvious factor in the box design (and the compact) is that the gold element of the design in the front is skewing a little to the left when it's supposed to be centered with the rest of the elements.

fake etude house cushion makeup compact

fake etude house cushion makeup compact
Now I'm gonna tell you straight-off, I'm not adventurous / reckless / stupid enough to actually try this on my face. Because

  1. It's fake.
  2. Even if the cushion was sealed, which it was, it wasn't a very secure seal. It was haphazardly slapped on just to be "as close to the original one as possible" I bet.
  3. It smells nice like really fragrant shampoo or fabric softener.

fake etude house cushion makeup compact
The cushion case feels very much like the Authentic one. It also has the same matte finish and of course inside you can find the standard Etude cushion puff.

Luckily I bought a real one way back so I can compare. The angle is off, but they're really the same size in reality.

fake etude house cushion makeup puff

fake etude house cushion makeup compact

fake etude house cushion makeup swatch

This concludes my sort-of review, sort of ramble post. I really wanted to get this out there because I myself prefer online shopping and getting deals in general. I hope this post will make people aware that there are such things out. So if you think you're getting the real stuff and a lot of my points were ticked off in your head. Dance the macarena then walk away.

I hope you guys found this post informative. Until next time!


PS. I bought this compact for a whopping Php 350. Such money. Wow. Much cheap.
PPS. There are only three makeup stores in Tiendesitas as of writing this. Two of them have store signs. And those two sell authentic as f*** makeup. 
PPPS. I've cleaned out the compact and put in my concocted base. Yay.

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