May BDJ box - Kiss Dry Goodbye!

by - 07 June

As you know we are currently experiencing (for the past few years really) the effects of global warming. India's heat wave has been killing around 2,000 (if the news articles are to be believed . I sincerely think it's more than that) already if not for the fact that we get offset in a way by the heavy rains I think we aren't too far off. Apparently people still think global warming is a hoax to be thought off in the same context as the tooth fairy and Neverland.

Moving on.

We're Kissing Dry Goodbye for this month's box! This curated package for May focuses on getting back the moisture lost in our skin and hair from all that summer heat and fun activities.

This box be packin'.

I spy the Nivea wipes.

Dermal Masks (3 sheets) - Php 70/ea
Cetaphil Hydrating Lotion Samples - 100ml / Php 70
Himawari Dear Beute Oil in Shampoo and Conditioner (samples) - 500ml / Php 695/ea
Pure Savon Body Wash in Rose and Lily (samples) - 300ml / Php 545 /ea

Dermal  - Hooray for masks! I've ordered this before in Multiply and it was super cheap then. I think it was only Php 25 or 35?

Himawari Dear Beaute - These oil in shampoo/conditioner are silicone-free, sulfate-free and formulated with :

  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Organic Sunflower Sprout Extract
  • Sunflower Seeds Extract
  • Sunflower Extract
Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamins E, A, C and D, extremely moisturizing, light in texture and helps prevent premature signs of aging (when used topically).

Cetaphil - Because of puberty and other hormonal changes I was an avid user of the Cetaphil cleanser. Haven't tried their lotions though.

Cure Peeling Gel (samples) - 250ml / Php 1,500

Japan's #1 exfoliator is included albeit only samples. But I take what I can get. This very popular exfoliator contains 90% water and is :

  • Preservative Free
  • Coloring Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free

Yes this works and it's the most gentle exfoliator I've tried but I kinda like the feeling of grainy scrubs on my face haha. It's a psychological thing I think.

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Brigthening Scrub - 50ml / Php 84
Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Serum Cream with SPF 19 PA+++ - 50ml / Php 265

The only time Garnier ever hurt me was when I tried their Pure Active foam/scrub. The one Georgina was endorsing. It was too harsh on my skin and I broke out even more. But the lemon line has always been good to me. Let's see if these continue their lucky streak.

Aloe Derma Pure Aloe Vera Gel - 45g / Php 280
Colgate Optic White Plus Shine - 100g / Php 115

Colgate - I squeed when I saw the two boxes of toothpaste. Squee-d. Like a pig. I'm currently using the predecessor and I'm excited to try this "Plus Shine" one.

Aloe Derma - This pure aloe vera gel from Aloe Derma is surprisingly very popular (according to an instagram post I saw). I've seen it at Watson's a couple of times but paid no attention to it. Looking forward to trying this one as well.

FS Powder Blush in Silky Coral Pink- 6.2g / Php 350
Nivea 3in1 Exfoliating Wipes - 20 sheets / Php 140

Nivea - Funny story. I wanted to try the hyped-up Nivea wipes so I put on makeup and proceeded to wipe it off. Initially I was very unimpressed, it barely took off my makeup. It performed the same as my baby wipes with the added bonus of the raised embossed side. What the heck right?

Then I checked the label and actually read it this time. It said exfoliating wipes not makeup removing wipes. Lesson: It pays to read.

FS Blush - Haven't tried any blushers from FS. I don't really need another blush so I might give this away.


This box came in just in time to still call it the May BDJbox. I wish there was an email blast or a social media update as to why it was delayed. People were wondering left and right because it was very near the end of May.

In terms off full-sized VS sample ratio, the previous box had more samples while this one has more full-sized items. In terms of actual usability of items this and the April one take the cake for me. The Pond's (March box) exclusive triggered my allergies and broke me out. (All skincare items except the rose gel)

I'm definitely noticing that Japanese beauty brands are steadily getting into the country and I would like to give the people responsible a very slow and dramatic clap.

The stickers as always never failed to make me smile.

Box - Php 580
Value of box - ~ Php 1500 samples excluded

Have you gotten the May BDJ? What're your thoughts?


PS. How about that opening statement huh? Tad bit heavy for an unboxing post but I had to voice it out one way or another.

Website :
Instagram : @bdjbox

Disclaimer : BDJ kindly sent this box to me as a gift. I was not asked nor compensated (monetary or otherwise) to post this in any of my social media or to make a blog post about it. All my opinions about the box - its contents and companies mentioned are my own unless someone steals my account, pretends to be me and continues the blog in my stead.

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  1. hahaha it happens. minsan masyado excited abt a product we forget to read the labels. what does it mean by exfoliating wipes tho? like a face scrub? that sounds a bit strange to me. sana they made makeup wipes nalang.

  2. I think it's just because of the embossed side of the wipe, not necessarily the formula it's soaked in. Ang alam ko they do have makeup wipes yun talaga ineexpect ko e :/

  3. I never noticed that the Nivea wipes never said makeup removing wipes... But what is it then? Something you smother over your skin after cleansing? Kind of redundant :/

  4. I haven't seen the other variants (baka meron talaga makeup removing ones) pero mejo useless no? I'd rather use the cheaper wipes that do the same exact thing. :/

  5. Joanna Marie VillalvaJune 8, 2015 at 10:35 AM

    Love all the items in your BDJ box :)

  6. I haven't subscribed to beauty boxes for a long while now. This box is just so-so for me. Not too exciting but I'd still use the items inside. :P

    Glad that more and more Japanese brands are entering the Philippine market too.

  7. :) Thanks. It's an ok box for me. Have you gotten a bdjbox before?

  8. Haha yeah nothing too exciting here apart from the toothpaste.

  9. i love the blush shade you got! i might give away my blush too since it's too shimmery for me. i love garnier esp yung line na to, yung toner nila super nice din!

  10. Mas gusto ko yung brownish shade. Oh well. Yeah bigay ko na lang siguro sa mom ko. I don't like this line actually. Haha I think they changed the formula of the cream and I don't want to use the facial wash because it has plastic beads as the exfoliator. :/


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