Review : Etude My Lash Serum

by - 09 May

I have sparse lashes. They're not short per se but they're spaced about here and there as if to spite me. I think it's pretty common among asian girls having sparse and sometimes short lashes. The eyes being the windows to the soul, would mean that the eyelashes are...curtains...? Where was I going with this?

Let's get on to the actual reason I'm writing this post.

It's supposedly a lash strengthener and nourish-er. I had high hopes because I saw a couple of comments on a Facebook group that this really REALLY worked for them. And I thought 

"Hey, what's Php200 or so bucks? I'll give it a whirl".

Giving in to the advertising claim, I took a chance and promptly paid for my purchase 9+ months ago and I think that's enough time for an ample difference to be seen right?

Ignoring the fact that my lash serum isn't clear-yellow anymore, let me be the one to burst your bubble, this did not work for me at all. 

I haven't noticed any ample changes in my lashes nor do they feel a little "strengthened", if anything 2-3 lashes came off whilst I was using this and that's 2-3 more than what I bargained for.

I decided to put this on my brows just for luck.

Because hey, whatever, I had little to no expectations to begin with. Maybe, just maybe, they'll work on my brows. (Inner plea to the gods : Please oh please oh please let this not be a complete waste of time)

And yet it was. I probably should've prepared a sacrificial lamb to go along with my plea.

This might work out for you though. It's not a lot of money anyway. This is just my experience. I will definitely finish this tube out of sheer cheapness (pero sa totoo sayang naman talaga diba?). I might clean-out the tube and fill it with oils instead or use the wand for my brows.

Have you tried lash growing serums?


Etude House PH website :
Price : Around Php200
Bought at : SM Makati

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  1. Hi CJ! I personally use castor oil and it has worked in growing my lashes. I've heard that results may vary, but that's something to be expected. The only downside is that it tends to be sticky. Etude House's idea is a good one; too bad this didn't work as intended. :(


  2. Hi Kissel! I just bought a bottle! Will put it in the tube once I finish it. And yes I agree it's very sticky like corn syrup. Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I apply coconut oil to my brows and lashes (and let's nbe honest, my entire face) every night, and it definitely helps my lashes out for sure. I haven't tried any serums so I can't say anything about them :)


  4. I love coconut oil as an all-over moisturizer. That's awesome! I've tried Olive oil and it works for my lashes as well :) Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Haha! The last picture with the meme is funny. Too bad this didn't work. I am hesitant to try out these serums myself because I feel like it wouldn't work on my lashes so why spend money at all?

  6. LMAO THAT MEME! thanks for the honest take on this, i keep seeing claims that this works for them but i was doubtful. nagwwork ba talaga ang mga lash serums? i tried one before parang no effect on me huhu

  7. Hahhaa. Yeah I'll stick to oils like Olive and Castor.

  8. Hahahha

    Yeah I agree. Kung mag wowork man kelangan tuloy-tuloy and matagal makikita effect. :/

  9. For me parang mas okay pa ung DIY ko na castor oil haha. Try mo un girl! Thanks for sharing this, feeling ko di din to mag wowork sakin.

  10. Yeah bumili na nga ako ng castor oil e haha. Welcomeee :)


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