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by - 28 April

It's hot. No it's excruciatingly hot this summer in the Philippines. The highest temperature so far has been 34°F this summer and I don't doubt it.

While we are all content on just using sunblock whenever we go to the pool or beach we actually need sunblock even when it's not sunny or we're just indoors. The sun's UV rays penetrate the curtains/blinds and even our own home lights and computer monitors emit UV radiation that cause harm and skin darkening (which explains why some people look gaunt and gray after spending the whole day facing the computer).

It's been a hot minute since my last blogger "event" so I was pretty happy to go last April 24th for a little sparty courtesy of Dermplus (JLC Miller & Co., Inc) which was held at the charming little Manos Nail Lounge at BGC Taguig.

I wasn't a complete stranger to their products because I've used the X80 before in my Zambales adventure.

The event started a little late so I had more than enough time to take some photos here and there, which wasn't taxing because the place was cozy and sparingly decorated with lovely pieces I'd love to  steal  take home if I could.

Here they are presenting the importance of sunblock/sunscreen and their latest additions to the line — Dermplus Invisilite Sunblock Spray and Dermplus AfterSun Hydrating Body Gel.

The new Invisilite Sunblock Spray is invisible on the skin with 50++ total protection factor while the AfterSun Hydrating Body Gel cools and soothes the skin after prolonged sun exposure/sunburn (This one feels really good on the skin. It smells light and refreshing too.)

Their latest campaign "Enjoy the Sun" perfectly resonates with their products. With the combined protection against UVB and UVA rays, moisturizing properties to soothe the skin and water resistant properties for your water adventures, this PABA-free* dermatologically tested sunblock receives an A++ in by book.

John Uy the new Dermplus ambassador sharing his experience in using Dermplus products.

My second time bumping into Genzel and my first time meeting Nica.

Thanks to Mikee for the invite. I'd say it was fairly successful for your first blogger event! The food was lovely and the hand massage even more so.

This cute press kit sand pail will be coming with me whenever I go to a beach. I know I'll use every last one of the sunblocks you've gifted especially this summer.

How often do you apply sunblock? Did you know that you get skin damage from computer screens? Yikes right?

*PABA = Para Amino Benzoic Acid a sun protection ingredient that frequently causes allergic reactions.


PS. Went to have a little fun chat with Nica after the event.

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  1. I like these kinds of events where you get pampered with food and massages! :P I haven't tried their sunblocks yet but I'm currently obsessed with finding products with good sun protection. Will give Dermplus a try! :D

  2. your hair! that color is so so beautiful talaga on you :) init init lately grabee so that means flu season is coming, i actually have colds na atm.
    not so much into sunscreen unless i go swimming so i guess thats a bad thing hehe! My default sun protection is to just avoid sunny places and stay indoors when its super hot ^^

  3. I agree! :) Definitely give it try! Let me know what you think about it.

  4. Thankssss :* It's got ruined though nag-swimming kami sa pool :/

    Hahaha that used to be me too and if I'm completely honest I'm still like that sometimes pag naalala ko lang chaka ako nag lalagay :))


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