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by - 14 February

I always loved going to this place before, but now, I'm starting to think the quality isn't what I remembered.

I'm not too sure if the quality went down, or my tastes have grown more sophisticated and discerning but I know for a fact that this was not worth what I paid for.

I went to the MOA/Mall of Asia branch and got a 10 inch garden pizza, fries and a cooler. The toppings on the pizza were so-so, the dough could be fresher it was a tiny bit stale. It might just be reheated and not freshly made for the day. It also had some peas which I could do without.

My main gripe was this cheddar cheese fries though. The fries were soggy and soft right off the bat. *puts on expert chef hat* With fries the exterior has to be a little crunchy while the interior has to have that soft fluffy potato goodness.

This was just a wet blanket. There was nothing ssspecial about dem fries.

After giving the restaurant so many chances and ordering different dishes from different branches at separate occasions, this was the last straw. The strawberry cooler (not photographed) was good though - I tasted real strawberries.

With all the casual dining joints popping-up here and there, what I ate paled in comparison.

Dear Burgoo,
You knew this was coming. I tried to make it work, but we've just grown up and sadly grown apart. This is goodbye.


PS. The shtick with the paper table cover and crayon-writing upside-down is still alive. The waiters were all very attentive...then again the customers barely filled half the room so it was easy to attend to all of us I think.

PPS. Seeing as it's Valentine's day I suggest you take your date elsewhere if you want to impress them and let them know your palate is not to be touched by sub par cuisine such as this. The ambiance at night is perfect for talking, but the food is definitely forgettable.

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