Recent Hauls : Part Un

by - 02 December

I've actually been accumulating a lot of new things and never really had the chance to post all of them properly except for snippets I do on instagram.

There will be more parts and they'll be done in reverse starting with my most recent haul going back to the first time I purchased something new from about 4 months or so.

Presenting my haul which I paid PHP 0.00 for! Thanks to my sister's forced generosity - Early Christmas present for me. Yay! I win.

1. I've been lusting for a gel liner specifically Maybelline since forever, but I thought to explore and ended up at L.A. Girls. The Sales attendant was being particularly "hard-sell" on me so I took the liner and skedaddled out of there.

2. I finally got me some Maybelline "The Rocket" volume express mascara because they were 30% off and me and my sister couldn't pass it up. For some unknown reason, Maybelline mascaras here seldom have discounts. Got the washable versionbecause I needed to let my eyelashes rest from my frequent use of waterproof mascaras. Has anyone else tried this blogger-hyped product? 

3. This may seem familiar, because I've already written this off and claimed to never repurchase it again. But since I can just handle it carefully and not twist it as much, for the price - it does perform quite well. So I got the Essence Stay Natural Concealer again as an everyday under-eye brightener. 

This concludes part 1. Any thoughts on the products I bought?
I'm curious about that L.A. girls mascara, is it any good? The Sales lady said so but then again, they're known to "stretch" the truth to make a sale.


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