Colour Collection Lipstick Review -- Kissmark

by - 19 October

It's been a while since I've posted and I finally have a new makeup review to break this stagnant blogging ice. I'll be reviewing this Colour Collection lipstick in Kissmark from , a try before you buy site that offers deluxe and full-sized samples bought using points directly from their site.

Colour Collection matte lipstick in Kissmark

This has been in my collection for months or actually a year now I think? And this review is long overdue.

Inital Reaction
The packaging is sturdy I must say. Simple and classy. You can never go wrong with black and gold.
When I first opened it, it was during the summer, so there's visible "sweating" on the product. It seemed more creamy and glossy for a matte lipstick when I initially swatched it.But as the months passed and and as it was stored in a cooler dimmer place the consistency turned a bit drier.

A very bright fuschia

Color pay-off is amazing. It is brighter than I what I anticipated. Definitely something Nicki Minaj would wear, hands-down. 

As for longevity. It does fade a tiny bit when you drink, but it definitely stays and leaves a light tint on the lips when wiped off.

Night lipstick + Day tint
I have gone out at night using this and it works because of the vibrancy. It's almost neon-like in the dark when applied full-on.

I haven't really gone out at day using this (as a lipstick) as I think it's too bright and doesn't work well for my skin tone. Someone paler or darker than me I think, can pull this off better. Plus it makes my teeth look SUPER yellow. SUPER.

As this is a blue/purple-based pink it will definitely make anyone's teeth look way more yellow than they really are. But I do use this as a light tint though, more wearable in my opinion.

Trying my best in the first 2 images to not show much of my teeth. Looks kinda okay here but it's dreadful in person-- like I haven't brushed my teeth in weeks

The consistency is really smooth. Doesn't feel waxy at all. It's creamy, possibly because it's infused with Vitamin E. But it does dry down to a matte when fully set. As with most matte lipsticks you need to prep your lips for this if you have dry and chapped lips like I do. But even though I prep my lips, it does still dry my lips throughout my wearing it.

Sample Room Experience
They shipped my item within 3 days which is standard fare for shipping within the Philippines. I received email notifications about my purchase and customer service was nice and prompt as I had difficulty understanding the point system etc. and emailed them about it. All in all a nice experience.
Their website is easy to explore too.

I'm really bummed out about the color. I want to apply the color full on but... It's just... I can't appreciate it fully when the color looks too odd on me. It does translate well in pictures though. And it IS a pretty night color lipstick. So I guess I'm stuck with only using this as a tint for daytime.

What lipsticks in your collection do you really like but look "odd" on you?

PS. SampleRoom doesn't carry this anymore but Tupperware (they hold the Colour Collection brand) re-sellers (like Avon ladies) sell these through brochures etc. It retails for P330 for 4g of product. I don't know any Tupperware re-sellers though, sorry!


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