Professional Artist Cosmetic - PAC PH Makeup Competition 2014 - QUALIFIERS + A surprise

by - 18 May

I admit, I've heard a little about PAC, but only  regarding them being a high quality professional artistic makeup brand as their name might suggest.

A makeup brand by Martha Tilaar it was essentially conceptualized as the professional makeup for asian women. So most if not all products are catered to and suitable for us Filipinas. They're apparently well known for their high quality, waterproof and long lasting makeup. But now they are easily available to end-consumers (us) which is amazing.

Given their price range I say they jump between BYS Cosmetics and Makeup Factory sometimes a little more.

And now to the main reason for this post.

Congratulations to the qualifiers!!!

These amazing and talented (and quite lucky too) qualifiers will be invited to attend an exclusive make up training and workshop on May 26, 2014 with Yuan Sng, an internationally renowned make-up artist from Singapore and a guest judge on Asia’s Next Top Model.

They will also duke it out on May 27, 2014 at the World Trade Center, Pasay City, wherein only three (3) will be chosen to be part of the PAC Philippine Team. The 3 winners will be awarded an all- expense paid trip to Jakarta, Indonesia and will compete against top make-up artists in the region.


If I wasn't so jealous right now, I'd be totally jealous with a little drool action going on. You get to do what you love, compete against the best in the makeup artist world in another country.

Are you jealous yet?

Congratulations again! You guys deserve it.

Oh and thank you for this lovely gift PAC PH!

I doubt I have the audacity to wear this in broad daylight but then again you never can tell with me. Maybe I might just slap this on one day. Then again maybe not. For now, this is on my night-use-only stash.

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