Nanshy Brushes - Eye Set : A review

by - 22 February

...of sorts.

I'm back and today I'll be sharing with you all this lovely eye set I received from Nanshy.

We pride ourselves in acquiring what we would consider the most affordable cosmetic products coupled with superior customer service like no other. Your satisfaction is our priority at all times. This is why we source products that last longer so you can be sure you get the best value for your money. - Nanshy's Official Website

Their customer service is pretty good, I must admit. I asked for questions regarding the status of the package and the package itself and the average turn-around time is 24 hours, in my experience.

Now, onto the brushes. (hyah!)

They're quite small. The longest brush is about 7- 7.5 inches and personally I'm not entirely used to that. I have/had eye brushes with longer handles, and it suits me better. Just a preference really because I have big hands. I imagine this would be the perfect length for travelling.

The silver ferrules are pretty and ties the monochromatic black and white look of the brushes. They also feel sturdy and glued in place so I don't think the hairs would fall any time soon. The bristles themselves have that "duo fibre" look going on which I appreciate. Not many people like white/white-tipped brushes. I do, because I'll always know when they'll need a good cleaning or can be used for a couple more days. (hehe #medyobaboy)

The handle is gorgeous. It might look cheap and flat white in this shot, but it has this pearlized effect like a glazed white nail varnish with micro shimmers topped with a shiny lacquer. It's really pretty in person and the over-all look is simple and sophisticated. They're also labeled to their commonly intended uses, which I bet newbies appreciate.

They're soft. Excepting the flat definer and detailer brushes, which are stiff (which they should be for their intended purpose). Even the fine liner brush is soft. But no so much that they completely bend to my will (man hands), they have a little bit of give in them (eye sweep/c brush/shader brush, small crease brush, eye crease brush and blending brush. I'll go into detail about each brush in the latter part of this post) 

I did wash them four times already and they did not shed and bleed AT ALL. And I don't know if it's the brushes themselves, but I had a real easy time spot cleaning the fluffy brushes. I only used rubbing alcohol and a wet wipe and it's as clean as a whistle. No pigment was left on the hairs, as far as my eye can see. Are all brushes with white tips this easy to spot clean? I really want to know.

My preference lies in real hair bristles/natural hair regarding brushes meant for powder products, whether they're for eyes or for the face.

That said, these are pretty good. They perform as well as natural hair brushes and retain their shape longer, since these are purely synthetic brushes.

Here are my thoughts on each brush.

The eye crease and large shader are really nice. The eye crease isn't too big, it's soft (like I said) and dense and firm at the bottom and loosens the denseness as it flares out.

The large shader is the perfect size for my small eyes. It's densely packed and because it's short, fits my small eyes well. I think it would be the perfect size for all eyes across the board for it's medium size.

The blending brush  is good for better precision blending that I admit HOWEVER I would have loved if it had been a bigger and fluffier blending brush. I can honestly just blend my eyeshadow using the eye crease again and go in using the tapered crease brush/pencil brush (below) should I want more color. It's ok.

The fine liner brush. My absolute favorite from this bunch. Gave my gel eyeliner experience a newness, better control and ease of use. Really good. I was afraid I'd pull out some hairs whenever I clean this with dried up gel liner and I was very caveman about it too, pulling and tugging the petrified pigment using a wipe.

The angled detailer. Stiff but soft. (Errrm) This is what I use on my lash line if I want to do a push-liner using a powder. It doesn't poke or scratch my eyes but the flat definer is a different story.

This mo-fo poked my eye, as if the brushes were cut unevenly. I tried it more than once just to see if I was using it wrong or supposing that after a wash it might be a different story. But no. So I resorted to using this on my eyebrows and it works really well for that. The stiffness in this case was good for this purpose. (again, errrm)

This is a good starter set and according to other customers, even rivals the coveted Sigma eye set for the price. I could do without the flat definer brush and just either one of the eye crease brush or blending brush.
This set retails for USD 44.95 on Amazon or 29.95 Pound Sterling on beautystore4u. Both sites offer international shipping and free shipping in certain areas of the UK / free shipping over a certain amount.


Labeled box with pictures. Antibacterial synthetic brushes. Designed, hand-assembled and extensively tested in the UK. Oh and they're 100% Cruelty-free, vegan brushes. They're PETA approved too. That's always a good thing right? :)

Amazon -
Beauty Store 4 U -

Which brand of eye brushes do you prefer? Would you ever consider this one?

DISCLAIMER : I was sent this eye set for review purposes. They didn't pay me (monetary or otherwise) or ask me to write a good review in exchange for receiving this. Thoughts expressed here are my own opinion and not the company's. This is a review based on my experience/s only.

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  1. The brushes look super pretty! But I'm sticking to my Sigma brushes for now. Maybe in the near future, hehe :)

  2. price range is like charms din pala :) im your complete opposite , i prefer short brushes more. btw how was the shipping from amazon to mnila? did the customs charge you with tax?

  3. Oh yeah? Alam ko meron pang isang local brush brand, the name escapes me...anywho. I forgot where exactly this was shipped from, amazon or otherwise but yes I was taxed. 50 Php. I think that's the standard price unless you have a big box coming in. :)

  4. Naks Sigma. :)) Kidding. But yeah, they are pretty. Still small for me though :( Hehe

  5. Hahaha it's my first and only Sigma set. I used to use Charm brushes. The pink ones. You should try those if you haven't yet. They're actually really good. And they're "normal" sized brushes. If you know what I mean, hehe.

  6. I like 100% Cruelty-free and vegan brushes.

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  7. This looks like a great starter set!

  8. These are nice! I know a couple of bloggers who love cheap finds and are absolutely adamant about cruelty-free products. I should recommend this. Great discovery ^_^

  9. Thanks! They do pride themselves on being PETA approved :) More companies especially cosmetics companies should really be like this.


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