Review : Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream - Skin Protectant A.K.A. the one that smells like God knows what

by - 29 August

Remember those times when you scraped your knee or had an accident with hot water or just had a bad case of dry patches or just about anything and your Grandma/Mother used to say just put this on immediately...

No? Well then you're like me. I've only learned about this when my mom came back from a trip. She bought this despite not knowing what the heck it was for. So I put on my Nancy Drew wig and proceeded to investigate. (via google, I'm the 2.0 version. Gotta keep up with the times!)

The little "clever" spiel I opened up with are actually true accounts on what it was and is still used for. You can say it's a multipurpose balm for your body. 

This is a cult-status beauty product because of its no-brainer directions of use, being an all-around product and because of its healing properties that have been tried and tested and very well loved since its launch in the 1930s.

It was said that Arden used this on the legs of her prized horses to soothe them. One of her friend's son, had a scrape and used the balm on it which made it heal a lot faster.

The obvious uses for this are for chapped lips, elbows and knees, dry skin and nail/hand cream.

But you can also use this to tame brows, hydrate dry ends then rinse off, as a highlighter on the tops of your cheeks for a summer glow, on your collar bones for some sexiness, or you can even put it on top of your eye-shadow for a glow-y and sexy look.

I have tried this as a highlighter of sorts and it does look good because of the orange-y tint against my olive-yellow skin tone. The first time I experimented with this though was when I put it all-over my face, like a thick slab and it felt nice, just that people who saw me said, "why do you look darker? And greasy?"

On my very vein-y manly hands. #sorrynotsorry

Here is a swatch. The consistency is very gel-like but not cream as opposed to the name. A tiny bit runny but it is thick and sticky whenever I use it. Sometimes I use it as a night-time lip balm/treatment or use it on my elbows which will significantly soften when I wake up the next day. But I feel like plain 'ol petroleum does the trick too, just for the elbows and knees I mean.

This actually does have petroleum plus some beta-hydroxy acid and Vitamin E so I wouldn't necessarily lump it together with the petroleum you get from the drugstore.

It's a nice all-in-one tube that deserves the cult-status. Since it is definitely more of a luxury item, if you can get it that's awesome if not that's awesome too. I haven't experimented with this a lot so I haven't jotted-down the range of its uses mainly because its price and 30ml volume does not equate to "waste it on experiments that will mostly end in failure thus getting my ass on a plate if I accidentally finish this small bottle because of said experiments" 

One thing I have to admit though is that the smell bothers me a bit. It's very, "tar"-like or just a deeper shoe-polish smell if you don't have any tar lying around to compare. I can't really put my finger on it. It will definitely set nostrils ablaze if people who are sensitive to smell gets a whiff of this. 

There is actually an unscented version but I feel like this original one is more true to the actual "original formula" hence performs better.

Have you tried this? What products have you tried that have that "cult status"?

You can get this at for around $20 or for around Php 900

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  1. I haven't tried any Elizabeth Arden products except from their perfumes which I really love. My fave so far is Red Door. The swatch looks so thick and dark if you apply it on skin. If this has that kind of smell, I think I'll prefer the unscented one. I have this issue with scents for products. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  2. ohhhh i've never tried any elizabeth arden products before!! but i want to try this now especially because of the cult-like status.. lolol i'm really susceptible to mob mentality HAHA. i'm sure i could get over the smell if it worked just as well as you say it does!!

  3. Haven't tried this, but damn, do I want to now! I think you sold me on the 'shoe-polish' smell. I AM A FIEND FOR A GOOD SHOE POLISH SCENT.
    I think this would be great for my ashy elbows and knuckles >.<

  4. I also have the Green Tea perfume from them! And I'm obsessed! I've been using the same one forever and it's the only one everyone in our family buys, so I get a little curious about the other scents as well :)

  5. You're not kidding? Haha To each his own I guess. It's definitely not an overnight vast difference on elbows and knees but I can feel mine get a little softer everytime I use this. Don't know if it's actually working or the history of the product just got embedded in my mind so the effects might just be imagined :)) Thanks for commenting!

  6. Have you tried their perfumes? I'm using the Green Tea one, it's actually pretty affordable compared to the other brands and smells really good for me :)

    Hahaha! Maybe get a sample first? See how it all works out :) Thanks for visiting!

  7. Oooh what a fun review! I don't know much about EA but a lot of people seem to swear by their products..

  8. Haven't tried any of their products yet, but I think I should give it a shot. Nice review!

  9. I've contemplated getting this in the past but I wasn't sure because of the high petroleum content and the smell which people have pointed out they don't like. It seems really versatile and being a cult product, there must be some justification for why it's survived the test of time!

  10. It is pretty high I have to admit, but surprisingly I haven't broken out. It's too sticky to use for the whole face and a tad sticky to use as a hand moisturizer. I mainly use it for my elbows, knees and cuticle bed and it feels like it's doing something. Might be more of a psychological thing though since I've never written a day-to-day account when I started using it. :P

  11. Try the fragrances! :) I love them. Thanks for visiting!

  12. Thanks! I've read that people like the newer formulations better, maybe you should try those :)

  13. Oh looks like an interesting product I never tried any product from Elizabeth Arden, many thanks for your review!

    I want invite you to Join to my Firmoo Giveaway for win 1 pair of Glasses or Sunglasses. You choose the model!

  14. I've been reading a lot of raves from that scent as well. I hope my aunt will give me when she comes back. My perfumes are mostly from her since it's cheaper in Dubai as she said :D

  15. I haven't tried any Elizabeth Arden products also! But I heard lots of great reviews about the brand. I love how you review this product Ms. CJ! By the way, thank you for visiting my blog! ^^

  16. I haven't tried that one but I think I'll skip this one since I'm quite particular with the scents of products I use.

  17. I have tried a mini size of this one and I hated the smell as well!! it smells so bad T.T
    and it is a bit too oily for my liking..

  18. It looks SO unappealing but the raves I hear about this almost-miracle cream is above and beyond. I believe I've read that celebrities carry this around when they jet set from country to country because it really hydrates. The scent is ungodly, though (ive smelled it in the counters when I was thinking of caving and didn't because it really put me off). So that's the tradeoff! At least it's not heavily scented and synthetic like other products :)

    I much prefer Physiogel Intensive Cream over this. Cheaper but is a dry-skin workhorse, too. Saved my skin from intense peeling and irritation before I tried the Clinique Moisture Surge Intense :)


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