WISHLIST : The Best Neutral Palettes

by - 22 June

1. Naked 2 Palette // 2. Lorac Pro Palette // 3. Nyx Nude on Nude // 4. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

I am going crazy. I seriously am. I'm not much of an eye-shadow person but these palettes are so beautiful. And being a novice makeup err, enthusiast, these neutral shades suit me to a T.

I'm thinking of getting me a nice neutral palette that I can play with; pretty neutral colors that are are a dream to blend and something I can possibly keep forever (so pigmentation is a big deal). These are just the palettes that are at the top of my list based on my research that checks off these points.

  • + Smooth/Creamy/Not so powdery
  • + Mix of satin/shimmer and matte
  • + All shades work well together
  • + Highly pigmented
  • + Blends like a dream
  • + Compact/Doesn't have a wide array of choices and not too little (You know what I mean?)
  • + Perfect for beginners and pros
  • + Pretty packaging (I like 'em pretty)

And I can't seem to choose just one. They all offer something slightly different but all are very pretty everyday shades.

1. Y'all know the hype with the Naked Palettes, and you probably know why they're such a hype in the first place. Smooth shades that are super easy to blend and colors that are perfect together no matter what combination you come up with. I think with neutrals that's a pretty easy feat, nonetheless these accordingly live up true to their claim.

2. Oh the next hit in the beauty community. People who have complained that the Naked Palettes don't offer much in the matte department have had their prayers answered in the form of this sleek beauty. 8 mattes and 8 shimmer/satin shades that are super pretty. I also like that they injected a purple whilst not being a neutral/natural shade works well with the other colors; I'm not complaining. :)

3. The possible dupe for the Naked Palettes at a much more affordable price. Although not all shades are as pigmented as I've gathered, the colors are pretty close to the UD phenomena albeit much cheaper and has a couple of pretty lip colors, which is pretty cool in my opinion.

4. The packaging. That's ultimately the number one reason why I want this, apart from the colors the pretty packaging is what sucked me in. A big plus too for the "how to" booklets/pamphlets that these palettes have.

And so even after writing this I haven't had a complete solid inclination to just one palette. I forgot to include the Balm's Nude 'Tude palette which I also really like (you probably know why) I think it's on par with the Too Faced, but then again they're all on par with each other based on my "need" for them.

Have you tried any of these palettes? What do you think? Which one would you go for and like best?

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  1. Lately I've been feeling like I need to play around with more eyeshadow colours again ("again" being that I used to do just that all the time when I was teenager), but I doubt I'll ever be super bright (shadow) gal, so a palette like any one of these beauties would be perfect for me. Thank you for all of the selection ideas.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I use the Naked 1 palette! It's heaven sent, promise! You can't go wrong in pairing those different colors together. Plus, all the shadows blend beautifully and easily. I'm no expert in applying makeup but using the Naked palette makes me feel as if I'm one. Very idiot proof, hehe! I highly recommend it! :)

  3. Do you have a blog? Can I see some pictures? Even if I've seen like a ton of posts about it already. But I can't help it!!! :)) Maybe you can post a Face of The Day look using it? :)

  4. If pigmentation is important, as well as a mix of shimmer and matte shades, I'd go for the Lorac. My personal favourite however is Naked2, followed closely by the original Naked :) I have the Too Faced Naked Eye palette and it really fell short of my expectations sadly. Don't know if the Natural Eye would fare better - though it looks very shimmery!

  5. This was my EXACT problem a few months ago! I was torn between the Naked 1 & Lorac Pro, in the end I went for NARS And God Created Woman palette haha! You should check it out if it's still available. :)

  6. Awww that's too bad! And I liked the Too Faced packaging too. :( I've seen the pictures and I agree.Very shimmery.

    I just recently watched Beauty Broadcast's Emily, and she said for more versatility definitely go for the Lorac...but the thing is I just saw this set with pretty eyeshadows from Tarte and I quite like the selection...ugh this will be my undoing. :)) What're your thoughts on the Tarte shadows?

  7. LOL! Yes, very pretty as well. I think I've seem a possible dupe for it from BYS cosmetics? I'm not 100% positive though.

  8. I haven't been to a BYS counter yet (IKR, right) I have to check it out! Btw, I emailed you just now :)

  9. Initially when Naked first came out, I was like "omgawd, I have to get this" and then Nyx release a dupe naming it Nyx on Nude and I was like" oh, ill prob get this, since its cheaper..". After awhile, here came Judy and other beauty Utubers raving on how Lorac is way better than Naked etc... And Now, I'm so lost as I want them all >_<"

  10. Lost. Yes. That is ultimately the best word to describe me. And you apparently regarding this :))

  11. I have Naked 2 and I must say, it is worth the penny. I have the Naked original dupe from MUA which is awesome! MUA also has a dupe for the naked2, you should check their website as they have amazing quality :D


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