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by - 25 February

Why hello there, I didn’t know goddesses like you could exist in real life *wink* *wink* *licks lips* …ew. 

It's an hour and a half past witching hour as I'm writing this down, so quite naturally, I deduced it's time for another blog update! Which explains why I just wrote that disgusting pick-up line. I don’t even know what it means. Is it really even a pick-up line?

We’re almost at the end of February and I just wanted to do a little shout out about your 2013 goals/aspirations/to-do’s/to-be’s/life pegs/ultimatums. I wrote about New Year’s resolutions or just simply resolutions/goal setting {you can read more about it here} in one of my previous blog posts and I just wanted you to know, you. Yes you, are not alone when you feel like you’re failing miserably in some of your “new life, new me” call-out to the universe. I know I am, and I admit I’m completely aware of it. Which is why I wanted to let you know we’re still two months-in the new year and there’s still March to look forward to and kick-start that life-changing mindset again.

There are no excuses, I know that and you have to know that as well. So here are some of my tips to kick-start those goals again. We need not be ashamed, everyone goes through this phase and it’s completely normal albeit kind of disappointing, but still perfectly okay! And human!

1. Tell your goal/s to a family member or a friend who’s sorta also kind-of veering off the path of their goals. And they can do the same to you as well, this way you will be pushing each other and reminding each other that what you’re currently doing isn’t in line with what you want to achieve. It’s a sounding-board system of sorts, that can be even more effective if you have the same goals in mind, because you know what each of you are going through and that cheering each other to do their best really is a great motivator. You can even get your competitive spirits up. {in a friendly way of course!}

2. Re-visit your goal list. Are they realistic enough? And when economic and financial issues apply, can they still effectively push through? Going back and editing your goals is, for me, completely normal and necessary. By now, you already know what works and what doesn’t. Schedules and certain goals just don’t mix. That doesn’t mean you should put them off forever! But if you find it hard to commit to some certain goals, put them aside and realize the goals that you need to take action on, is realistic and something you absolutely want. Baby steps is the key. Life habits just don’t do a complete 180/360 because you just think it, there really is some doing involved and a whole lot of patience.

I'm currently re-visiting my planner and notebooks for my 2013 goals and to-do lists. I won’t change anything on it but I will have to re-arrange the importance of certain goals so my focus is properly allocated to the things that I want to happen and I need to happen this year.

Here’s my leatherette-bound sunny-orange planner. It’s quite plain and boring looking on the inside, like the typical planners you get at the supplies shop.

And along with my planner, I also keep some goals {which I’ve honestly purposely tried to avoid looking at the past month} in my new laptop! {My goals are on an Evernote app. Do you guys use Evernote or any kind of app/software to track your to-do lists?} If you haven't read what happened to my old one, click here - it was devastating I might add.

Currently Reading : The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain

It’s a Lenovo P500 in Windows 8. And I’m loving all the book-related apps I've been downloading. Not to mention the games! I've been on an app frenzy ever since I got this. I was essentially the same when I got my Android Alcatel OT. Is this how iPhone users feel? {serious question bro.}

That’s it! I’m not claiming to be a guru-psychiatric-career coach-zen-master, just wanting to get my thoughts and opinions across about the topic that’s parallel to my life. Just regular superwoman thoughts to my fellow superwomen. :)

It’s really never too late. What matters most is that you start.

PS. If you’re not experiencing any of this, feel free to ignore my post and enjoy this gif.

Napoleon Dynamite dance break

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  1. I love your blog layout! This is a very inspiring post, dear :)

    xx, Mela

  2. Great post! Love your style!

  3. hi! i just got a new lenovo laptop too i have a post on it on my blog, and i see you use evernote i am using the MinimaList, OneNote, and some books app. but my eyes cant handle staring on my laptop screen for a long time. nice blog you have here :)

  4. I use Minimalist too! I love that now more than Evernote for jotting down lists! :) Same here I still prefer the physical books, but I can't help downloading! Most of them are free. :P Thanks! Will check out your blog too.


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