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I’ve always been a fan of eyeliner, especially liquid eyeliners. My first eyeliner was also a dip eyeliner {I forgot the brand} and the brush tip was felt and precise. {or so I thought at the time}

Whenever I used eyeliners, during college, it would be thick cat eye looks and extended past my actual eye since my eyes are small and hooded. After a while I stopped using it and just used brown and black pencils then stopped using eyeliners altogether {Around my junior year, probably didn't have much time to make myself look more human}.

So after I saw this EB dip liner in my last haul, I decided to try it again, and lo and behold I have no love for it anymore.

It must be the felt tip that’s chunky that I always makes my eye-line looking messy and I can’t make anything more precise because of it. So versatility is next to nil.

Next up is the consistency, now I’m a fan of liquid liners but this just takes too long to dry so if I move just the slightest bit the liner transfers to my lid. Not only that, after it dries, it starts to flake and chunks start falling off and I have to reapply mere SECONDS after applying.

Maybe I just had a bad batch, maybe the expiration is close etc etc etc. All I know is, if ever I’m using a dip liner, I’m not going for this anymore.

And the name easily rubbed off after a few days of man-handling.

Any suggestions for liners pen-types with precise tips? Or dip liners with brush tips? {or even felt tips but very precise?}

Or how about gel liners and cream liners? I've only experienced the Maybelline one, it wasn't bad I just try to veer away from those jar types since I feel like they dry up too fast.

What types of eyeliner do you like?

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  1. I prefer felt tip eyeliners because I think they are easier to use and control, though the one I'm using (Bourjois Finer Leutre) admittedly doesn't have the finest tip. But it suits my purposes just fine :) I tend to stay away from liquid liners for the reasons you've written above - especially when they take ages to dry!

  2. Gel liners are good but they dry up so fast you have to keep them covered. New followere here hope you can check my blog too :)


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