Tea and Roses : Haul from Macau

by - 09 November

Hooray for pasalubong! 

My mom just got back from Macau for work and met up with my Aunt who lives in Guangzhou with her family.

Anyway, she got or rather my Aunt and my Grandmother got me some clothes and some beauty things as well, which is why I wanted to share it. I won't show the clothes anymore since I don't really post outfits here {yet}, so that leaves me with two things to show!

When I watched missglamorazzi's video on YouTube about an all-around salve for the body, I was so intrigued. Usually salves like those smell awful, medicine-like to be exact and always reminded me of clinics and the sick who visit there. But hers smelled good according to her, works absolutely like magic and in a cute little tin. I really appreciate the old-school packaging design of this product. And it does smell like roses. {I'm not in-love with the smell, since I'm not generally in-love with rose scents. I don't hate it though, I just don't appreciate it.} 

Ah the Pièce de résistance. I love this scent. Ever since my mom first used it waaayyy back when I was a lass. She always had a back-up of this {the toilette version though} in her dresser, and it smelled so refreshing. I loved smelling it whenever she put it on. Instant mood-booster whenever I'm in the room with her.

Interestingly enough, I found that as I grew older, my choice in perfumes had the essence of what most of her perfumes smelled like {she has more than one scent, as most ladies should }.

I like wearing scents with musk and I have others that have a clean citrus hint to them, and she does too. But I still have an affinity with food-like smells, like creams and chocolates, sweet smelling but not overly so. Which she never found appealing. Meh. Must be the age thing. Which is understandable since why would a career woman in her late 40's wear sugary-sweetness cum toothache-like scents. I mean, that's just bizarre.

Wouldn't you agree? Or is it just me?

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. I didn't know that rose salve could be used over the body - I thought it was just a lip balm. I tend to like rose scents so I think I will enjoy that one :)

  2. Yeah! There are salve's for the lips, and for the body and for everywhere I guess. I think these can even be used on the face, though I haven't tried that yet, since my skin is really sensitive.

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  4. Hello CJ, regarding your question about purple and orange blush/lipsticks.
    I suggest you check out the WetnWild Megalast lipsticks, they have a couple of purlple lipsticks. for orange lippies, check Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Siren, or Milani lipstick in Mandarina. For Purple and Orange blush check out Sleek Makeup on local online shops. Hope this helps.

  5. Thanks for your suggestions! :)

  6. Aww... Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Spray is one of my well-loved scents! Intrigued with how the rosebud salve smells like. :P

  7. It smells like roses foreal. I'm not into it but I like that it moisturizes my cuticles which I use it mostly for. :) Thanks for leaving a comment!

  8. It depends upon the kind of 'sweetness', I still like sweet smelling stuff but not the bubble gum candy type of sweet -- and I'm 30 :P

  9. Haha I agree. I was thinking more in the lines of the bubble-gum sweetness without a hint of maturity when I wrote that last bit. :D


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