Watsons Haul A.K.A. The Unintentional Haul

by - 08 September

"So I went shopping today"...Isn't that how these things usually start? 

Not this time. Shopping was not what I had in mind when I went to buy just one thing. UGH I can't believe I bought so many things I wasn't even meaning to buy that day.

I went to WATSONS yesterday to buy lipbalm. Just lipbalm

But then my brain started to think "Oh. Why not just look around and see what they have? You know you want to. We're just gonna look, swears" . Fully knowing that I will for sure buy something other than the lip balm, I still obliged my very convincing brain. 

It took me a while to choose what kind of lipbalm and what brand to use. I've tried Maybelline in Cherry and the Nivea in Cherry/Raspberry so I wanted to try a new one. But since I'm looking for one with a slight tint to it I didn't try the (very hyped about) Maybelline Baby Lips since the sales assistant said they don't have any color. (Is that true?) So I went ahead and bought the NIVEA Rose since the label read it had a Rose-tint sheen. 

I was bamboozled.

It didn't have any tint. :( But it was moisturizing...I think.

When I had about two products in my basket, I basically just put more products in that I "needed". 

BOOM. Hello P600.00 receipt. I'm sick to my stomach thinking that I spent so much in one day, in one store for beauty stuff. Even if I do like all my purchases. To think that I've bought more and spent more in my other haul that unfortunately got deleted because the pictures were gone.

  • -  Ever Bilena Liquid Liner in Black ( I've been meaning to buy a liquid liner )
  • -  Ever Bilena Advanced line Clear Mascara (For my brows)
  • -  Nivea Lip Balm in Soft Rose
  • -  Ever Bilena VCO Hand and Body Lotion
  •  Sunsilk co-creations hair creme ( I wanted to give this a try since it's more affordable than the serum one, which I like )
  •  Monea Curl Defining Milk ( For my sister )
  •  Caime Hair Gel ( I usually just curl my hair with a curler and after an hour they're gone, so this, I like )
  • - Watsons's Hair brush


The lady at the Ever Bilena counter gave me a free VCO lotion in White Tea and Coconut Milk. It smells soooo good. ( If you like the smell of Olive Oil and Coconut ) It was only given to customers who buy P300+ from them but she still gave it to me even if I only bought two things and didn't hit the P300 mark. 


She was super nice too and very helpful. I can't say the same thing to the Nichido lady next to the Ever Bilena stall, because when I was asking her about concealers she made the mistake of adding that I needed it because I needed to conceal my pimples. And then proceeded to tell me where on my face is the highest concentration of pimples. Nice.

I was actually gonna use it under my eyes. But she just had to say that. I do own a mirror, I kinda know I have pimples.

P.S. She also looked bored out of her wits and was the least bit helpful...well, except for the pimple concealing part.

P.P.S. My heart still feels heavy because of yesterday's purchases.

P.P.P.S. Don't worry. I'll live.

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  1. Nice blog! :) I'm new here. Followed you! Follow back? ^.^ xo

    ~ http://pauwerrific.blogspot.com

  2. Whoa, nice haul! Pero we're the same sis. Kahit ako, I tell myself: I need to visit watson's cause I need an eyebrow liner, but I ended up buying things and spent 500 pesos on my recent haul. lols. Temptations no? You love EB too? Will navigate your blog more :) Take care!

  3. Gosh, my brain do this to me too whenever I walk into Watsons and always ending up with more than what I needed >.< I'm curious about the Curl defining milk hmmm. Aww the sales lady from EB is super nice nevermind the other one lol


  4. Sure. And I like your blog name, haha sounds fun whenever I say it.

  5. I think this is usually the case for girls right? Most girls I mean. It's like we're kids in a candy store. Ugh my P600 :`( lol. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Me too! Will ask my sister what she thinks then I'll give you the low-down. Won't be as thorough since I won't be trying it myself BUT I'll get my answers even if I have to beat it out of her. :)) True true! I like EB S.A.'s so far.

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. I also have a similar experience which I love to share-I spent 3000P in watsons MOA during a visit! It is really addicting :) thanks for the comment on my blog sweetie! Don't sweat it, you bought great stuff, no doubt important


  8. I do the same when I walk into Target hehe!! Definitely have way more interesting stuff at Watsons though!! :)


  9. Oh don't get me started on Target. If I were to visit that store I would probably pass out from all the pretty things I want to buy there. :)

  10. I would love to spend P3000 at Watsons or any department store! I hope you didn't regret it afterwards though because that's a lot of dough...(I was trying to be funny) .

    Anyway thanks for the vote of confidence!

  11. oh when i bought one time at ever bilena (for a future challenge i'm going to post on the blog) they sales associate also gave me a VCO lotion but it's not that color. it's brown. i'm not so happy with it! unfair! i want a nice smelling body lotion too! :D oh well, freebies haha

    By the way, how did you put a scroll on top icon (very cute btw). i've been wanting one! :D

  12. Girls always have the same dillema! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog! Wanna follow each other? :)


  13. hey thanks for visiting my blog.
    haha! i also hate it when there's no tint in a lipbalm or something.

    -----------------------------------------------------Putri SoeSUPERNICE

  14. Awwww! I believe you get to choose which lotion you want but anywhoooo thanks for dropping by!

  15. will wait for an update~ thanks a lot :)

  16. Hahaha this always happens to me! I feel like I'm committing a crime if I actually walk out with just the one product I had entered to buy. BTW I've been using Nivea rose (as Labello Rose for a few years and it is the best!!) I love the fragrance and texture. I've had baby lips for a year now but its just over hyped because of its sexy packaging. Its got a tint and all but for moisturization and staying power, I'd choose Labello/Nivea any day. I'm not sure if you'll get the same quality from Nivea as Labello because even though they are owned by the same company and come in all the same flavors, I've read that Labello balms are better. Let me know how you like Rose.

  17. Hahaha! Although, I wouldn't necessarily agree with the crime part. LOL

    I think the formulation is different, which is sad.I went to the Labello site and saw that it did have a tint and the reviews I read about it said it was really moisturizing. :( Whilst, mine didn't have any tint at all and it wasn't as moisturizing as I was hoping it would be. :(

  18. awsome haul :D i have never tried those products but they seem interesting :D i've been to watsons and i must say the sales lady are nice hahha !~~ anyways tc :D please visit my blog and feel free to join my give away :D ~


  19. This is a topic which is near to my heart... Best wishes!

    Where are your contact details though?
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  20. They're on the sidebar! Haha Here's my email in-case you missed it : bbigbad@gmail.com

  21. Hey it ain’t you only. Seems like our thoughts matching. Actually quite baffling it happens when I see tons of beauty stuffs and just going out with the lipstick aint sound fair, as we gotta be fairer, do we? You did it, so I’d have done.
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  22. Update : She doesn't like it. Too sticky. Used this myself and it is sticky even after it dries, or rather it doesn't really "dry". Don't know how to use it :(


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