Just add a blazer!

by - 15 August

With pieces this easy to put on, you'll look effortless yet put together.Although I do admit having a CK watch and that clutch helps with the "expensive" aura. And less is definitely more with just a cocktail ring and pendant necklace.

As for the shoes, they are classic in shape and color but the thing that stands out for sure is the heel part itself. Hmmm gold.

Now, how to make this work for work? Just add a simple blazer. See my two basic black blazers that I am particularly fond of.

Pick something that adds sleekness to the look and doesn't compete with all the other elements. This is not the focal point of the outfit. You are. When everything works well together, one element just adds to the other and makes the look more complete.

Hope you had fun reading my thoughts.

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