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by - 25 June

Hey Hey Hey! Unsure of how to pull-off a sheer blouse at work? If you're at a conservative office environment, certain clothes are a no-no ( Flip-Flops, Sandals, Slingbacks, Clear shoes, Expadrilles ) and it can be a bit constricting with certain trends that you're only allowed to try at weekends/nightouts/dinners. So here I am with a look that is work appropriate and  safe. Read the post after the jump!

Sheer Clear

Sheer Clear by csurita featuring suede shoes


Rock top
$45 -

Mango sleeveless tee shirt
£4.99 -

Black jacket
$134 -

A Wear black peplum skirt
£25 -

Suede shoes
54 AUD -

Black bow earrings
£2 -

For this kind of sheer top, one tip I can give is button all the buttons. Make sure your ta-tas are well covered. And also because the collar of this particular top have pretty details it's more noticeable if everything's buttoned up.
NOTE: Wear a tank top; a dark one, maybe a darker shade than your blouse or a black tank.

A pencil skirt or bandage skirt that hits exactly at the end of your knee, making sure your knees are covered,  is the perfect length. A pencil skirt is very versatile and classic especially in black. I just think it makes anything look a little bit more polished/dressy.

( image from )
Shoes that bring out the color of your blouse, in this case purple, so there's a little more color and not just black everywhere. Simple black pumps/heels work too, just make sure your toes are covered and it's not a slingback. If you want to wear peep-toes depending on your environment they "peep" can range from "small peep" to "I can see four of your toes kind of peep" for a more conservative environment a small peep is advisable.

A cute dressy watch and some simple earrings work best at the office. These black bow studs make the look a little more girly despite all the black.

I love this tailored blazer! It's very girly but still structured and sharp. I chose this black blazer to make the look a bit more soft and girly. You can use any regular fitted blazer, but to make it a little more interesting, look for shapes and cuts that flatter and have interesting detail. Just like this one with a peplum kind of hem.

I hope you liked my post! If you'd like more of the office series, leave a comment below if you want help on how to wear a certain clothing piece or accessory!

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  1. Love this look! Great styling techniques. Follow me and I will follow back. xo

    Stiletto Beats

  2. 27, 2012 at 8:51 AM

    The pumps are awesome. Love them! xA

  3. I love this look! the sheer blouse you showed is perfect, I love the collar!

  4. What a gorgeous outfit you've created! And I love your idea of making sheer work at work :)))


  5. I love the outfit you put together, the shirt and heels are gorgeous!
    Georgia xx


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