Going the other way : The un-floral summer

by - 31 March

Summer's Here by csurita featuring vintage handbags

I love anything vintage, especially bags, clothes and sunglasses. And that BAG is soo adorable I can just put ice cream on top of it and eat it. So I figured most people would probably put something floral or anything and everything floral on their summer dress list; I decided to opt for color blocking-mod-havana-circa 1950. I hope I got that right, because I'm just making the words up as I go along.

A little birdy also told me that dainty rings are all the rage and they are right because they are so cute. Small and understated but can still make an outfit complete yaknowhatimean? How about you? What's your summer dress list?


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  1. Awesome picks! You have great taste


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