Update: New Blog Title and Site Layout!

by - 27 February

As you can see, I changed the title because a friend of mine told me I should really change it because it might make the readers "think" about something else. {it was originally Big Bad Banana} And I admit, if I ever want to be taken semi-seriously, I shouldn't entitle my site with a very misleading name...even if does roll off the tongue. *cough*


Why this title?
  • I thought about the James Bond movie; From Russia with love.
  • I am from Manila, that's in the Philippines.
  • I give lots of love and care.
So my posts would be about news, tidbits and fashion/style tips all over the world, by a girl (that's me) in Manila. I'll also be writing about movies/tv shows, music, food and my personal thoughts about certain topics Let me know what you think of the name, site and what other stuff you think I can write about?

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