New Discovery : Tokyo Cafe

by - 30 January

Tokyo Cafe : SM Megamall

Carbonara with Japanese Soy Sauce

Verdict : was different. Nothing outstanding.
I didn't want to have any plain 'ol Carbonara so I ordered this.
Hey, at least I had food.

Thin Crust Cheese and Tomatoes Pizza

Verdict : I quite liked this one. 
Super crispy with lots of Mozzarella. 
I just love my cheeses.

A (little) nibble of Blueberry Cheesecake

Verdict : It was passable. 
Too much gelatin, not enough cream cheese. 
I prefer Burgoo's cheesecake any day.

Cafe 'au Lait
I need Java in my system just to walk straight. So remembering that I didn't have any that day, I ordered this. And my tummy was upset because prior to going to Tokyo Cafe, I already ate. So I needed something warm.

Verdict : Just regular Cafe 'au Lait.
Couldn't taste much of the beans. 
Tasted more like milk with a shot of coffee.

Price-wise, I don't think it's worth it. 
Their servings are small for a 200+ php dish and the servers are not really attentive. 
(One waitress ignored us when we tried to ask for the bill) but maybe it's just this branch.
On the up-side, they have cute menus.

Maybe I'll go there again, maybe I won't. But I won't definitely come looking for it.

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