On Replay: Don’t you let me go tonight

by - 02 October

After hearing a certain song a couple of days ago from a friend, I believe it was Don’t let me go, by some rapper, who sampled Lykke Li’s song, Tonight.

Hours later…
I couldn’t make it stop playing in my head. It’s so folksy-indie-Regina Spektor-ey, which I like. Her voice has an eerie-fairy-like quality that makes the lyrics more piercing. The original song itself is very beautiful, but when sampled along with a lyrical twin in the form of a rap, dang, it’s so good.

The Original Song.

I couldn’t find the song I heard from my friend, but I like this much better.


And I actually came across this artist, accidentally. I heard another rapper sample Tonight, but it wasn’t very good. Both the lyrics and the beat. But This.Is.So.Good.Period. Good thing I had patience in searching.
I have all his songs. Downloaded his mixtape and he’s real talented. Very good lyrics and beats. But this song is my ultimate favorite.

“and it’s because of you, we’re the best of friends, so take my heart and my love, and Imma etch you in”


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