Cool-Girl Clutches For Parties

by - 04 September

A clutch a day

A clutch a day by csurita featuring an animal print clutch

I never fully appreciated evening clutches or clutches in general until college, when I had to attend evening events and all I had in my arsenal were book bags, Backpacks, Messengers and Gym bags.

I still went to the events but man did I look ridiculous. Especially since I had classes earlier in the day. I hauled my shit to the events and it was a little tiring.Going out partying with friends becomes silly too because I'd be sporting my day-time medium-sized shoulder bags that don't really work well with my "party" outfit.

These are just some of the clutches that caught my eye and I like that it's a boxed, hard-type of clutch lord knows I tend to man-handle my things.

What do you think of these cool-looking clutches? Most are a little "out-there" and "young-ish" but I quite like it. I think anyone of any age can rock these.


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