Comfort Food For Rainy Days

by - 23 June

Gray skies. Cold winds. The pitter-patter of the rain on the windows and the smell of the wet street. Makes you want to get a blanket and chill by the windowsill, take out your MP3 player or book while chowing down on some *insert comfort food here*.
Cold and wet days and nights are ahead, and what better way to fulfill the soul and warm the tummy than some rainy-day comfort food. Here are my top comfort go-to food to combat or accent this dreary weather.

Tomato Soup with cottage cheese
(At least I think that’s cottage cheese, oh well, it’ll probably taste good anyway)

Good old fashioned Lugaw/Arroz Caldo (Gruel/Porridge) with
Tokwa at Baboy (Tofu and Pork)

My personal preference, Hot English tea with cookies.
Because I feel more like the Queen of England that way.

Churros with hot chocolate dip

Chili with some cornbread

And to top off my list

Vanilla Ice Cream with some milk wafers…mmm brain freeze

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  1. Crikey, that looks tasty. Especially the cookies... and the ice cream... and the wafers. Fun blog you've got going here as well :)

  2. @Shobo

    Thank you! Oh and I saw your art site, amazing btw :)

  3. Thanks! Very kind of you to say that :)

  4. Thanks! Very kind of you to say that :)


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