Foreigners and how to reel them in with the use of their native language

by - 27 May

Bring out your translators boys and girls, it’s time for a little foreign lesson. *wink* *wink*

So I just read this article on Yahoo. 

Ok fine, I kind of skimmed through it. It's about using your pick-up  lines in your “target’s” language.You might be abroad, for business or for pleasure and happen to chance upon that lovely creature at a bar or café. The thing was that one of the lines, when translated to English was a bit, ballsy. 

Exhibit A

3.What to say: Voglio passare il resto della mia vitta con te.
Language: Italian
What it means: "I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

This is a pretty daring and dangerous pick-up line to use. It’s best paired with a ring hidden in your pockets, preferably a cheap trinket that doesn't really fit. If you don’t have a ring, just tie a straw around her finger.
If done right, it comes across as endearing, cheeky and comedic.
If she’s into you, you both will get talking. If she isn't, at least she’ll most likely let you down gently.
However, do use this line with caution. You may never know when a girl will take you too seriously and start planning the wedding.

Now you might want to say this, when you get to know the other person better, like after a couple of dates, because you might come across as creepy when you use it as a first liner. But I guess, if you can pull it off, why not?

Although there were cute ones;

Exhibit B

4. What to say: Wo de guo jia mei yi ge nv ren xiang ni zheme ke ai
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Translation: "My country doesn’t have girls as cute as you."

Chinese people love it when foreigners try to speak Mandarin. The key word being ‘try’ because no number of classes will help you get the intonation of a native speaker.
The success is two-fold. Firstly, the Chinese are generally very forgiving when you fumble with the language. Secondly, you attempt to speak Mandarin lets you come across as cute and adorable.

Exhibit C

5. What to say: Oye, muchacha loca. ¿Y una lección de baile privada?
Language: Spanish
What it means: “Hey, crazy girl. How about a private dance lesson?”

Spanish is ranked the second most widely spoken language with 329 million native speakers. So on top of appealing to a large pool of women, it acknowledges their culture and capability of great dancing.
This pick-up line puts the woman in the position of the knowledgeable educator. Most women find it appealing when a man would put aside his pride and ask for help. This line puts you in a good light, while giving you a reason to spend time with her.

I wouldn't exactly use “crazy”, maybe instead of that you could put “hot” or “beautiful”.

These lines can be used for guys too, just tweak them a bit, you don’t wanna embarrass yourself and call that hot stud a “girl”.

After reading this, I thought, “Well, what about the Philippine women?; How can a foreigner pick up a Filipina?

After not so much thought (a few seconds to be precise), I had the answer. 

To pick up a Filipina girl, use your own language.

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the effort, believe me it’s absolutely adorable, but for me, when a foreigner is confident in his own language and can pick me up using that language and not relying on the mere cuteness of attempting to use OUR language, is very refreshing. Like when a Korean guy, starts saying something in Korean to me, then I ask “what?” then he starts explaining and so we live happily ever after…*ahem*, do you get what I mean?

How to decipher what their native language when you ARE not abroad and THEY are, meaning they’re in your “turf” so to speak, it might take a good ear (eavesdrop) or excellent visual training, to tell them apart from other countries. Imagine speaking Spanish, to an Italian woman, total ridicule but if you can turn it around and switch on the charm, you might just avoid the “Sorrys and Excuse Me's, I thought you were (Insert Random Nationality)”

Well if you want to read the full article, here it is: Yahoo Article

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  1. Does this work? What if the guy's native language is English?

  2. Hahaha! Never thought about that. I guess since most American girls are assertive, be unassertive but at the same time leave little hints that you dig him?

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